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"Red Rose" Red is the color of which I will bear. Like the color of a rose it tells that I am true. For me to state anything else is quite false. My love for you runs more deep and more true than the glorius color of a red rose. It runs more deep than the bluest ocean or the widest sea. My love for you will always be there, even though I may not be. If you are to forgive me then the love that I have for you will pour over you and fill your veins untill the blood that now flows in them will now be my love. It is so strong that the moment that I stand up it knocks me down. I've never met anyone quite like you. You are the only thing that keeps me living. You are the only thing that is running through my body. My body, mind and soul are taken over by your power. Your love is the thing that makes my heart beat, Every second that you're not there it slows down 1 beat, When I hear your voice again my heart beats faster hoping for your return.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


nihhh sayaaa nur liyani binti zainal .,
hahahahahahahaahha (!)
gedik (!) gedik (!) gedik (!)
gila (!) gila (!) gila (!)
hihih . sayaaa busan lar awakk , takkk adaa keje mauu buattt . soooo , snap snap snap (!)
masee nihh I'M HAPPY ! hahaha , because my darling (Fanasha) teman sayaaa date . and temann sayaaa beli rantaiii , terima kasih sayang . klau awakk tak adaaa , ta tawu arhh sapeee akannn temannkann sayaaaa . tp hari nihhh I'M SAD too . because my hunny taaa sayy thank you pon kt sayaaa lepass sayaaa kasii dyy rantaii . agakkkk kebenciann padaaa dyy (!)eishhhh , mulut awakkk tuhh beratt sangatt kee hah naa sayy thank you (!) kenapa dengannn awakkk hah (!) dahhh larrrr telingaa sayaaa nihh taaa larattt dengarrr awakk asyik maraaa maraaa (!) kadang-kadang sayaaa geramm dengann awakk (A)(!) tapi sayaaa tahann jeee , sayaa redaaa andd terimeee pee yang awakk maraaa padaa sayaa (!) hati sayaaa SAKIT (!) awakk tak tahuu annn sayang (!) awakk pikirr hatii awakkk jee sakitt (!) semuaa salahh sayaaa (!) sayaaa daa lamaa sabarr dengann awakk (!) sayaaa takk sanggupp naaa simpannn lagii (!) kadangg-kadangg sayaaa luahkann kt my darling (fanasha) . klauuu takk dapattt luahkannn dekattt dy . sayaaa luahknnn kt blogg (!)
baruuu hatiii sayaaa nihh legaaa ...............

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